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What is Selekta® and why are we unique?

Identifying the elements of games that are associated with successful models has been the basis of the designs offered here.

Years of statistical research to find these elements underpin our games structures.

There are game functions and features that are required if a game is to be popular with players.  Some of these are not immediately obvious - they are time dependent.  They only emerge as a result of play sessions.  Identifying these elements and incorporating them into our games is the first focus of our game designs.

Selekta® enables independent settings for the overall game hit rate and game volatility, which are critical variables for the success of the game for both the player and the operator.  In traditional game designs, these two important properties cannot be easily separated.  By using the Selekta® method in our proprietary games, designers can precisely target low/high denomination players, in addition to a range of Return to Player requirements and standard deviation variations.
Selekta Games Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company that supplies slot machine, video poker and table game mathematics for the international gaming industry.

The Selekta® process is included in our proprietary Selekta® branded slot machine games that are ideally suited to the needs of gaming machine manufacturers, online gaming suppliers and operators of casino and gambling sites.

The Selekta® features introduce operator and player elements to extend game play, enhance player satisfaction, and maximise operator profits.

For instance, Selekta® offers unique Hold & Spin options, in addition to Progressive Prize functionality. Some of these features are listed below:

1. One feature in a Selekta® game is triggered by a predetermined event in a play. This occurs with a frequency directly related to the number of play lines wagered. In essence, from the player's perspective,  the more lines wagered, the more frequently the feature will occur per play.

2. The Selekta® Hold & Spin feature automatically starts with each of the numerous triggers per game.

3. When the Selekta® Hold & Spin feature starts, one symbol only is automatically selected.for extra bonus plays.

4. If the automatically selected symbol occurs on any reel, that reel is held in place for the remainder of the bonus plays. Reels which do not have the automatically selected symbol continue to spin until the end of the bonus plays. 

5. Unlike traditional slot games, Selekta® games use a specific set of reel strips pre-assigned to each bonus play in the sequence of extra plays awarded.

6. Selekta® game wins during the Hold & Spin session are added to any previous player wins during the same player session (a detailed example, called the WAYG method - Win As You Go - can be viewed in the downloadable pdf file below).

A variation of this unique process is also used in our Progressive Prize games, which can be viewed in our Games Comparison selection of games.


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