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SELEKTA® Slot Games
Crown Supreme
Dolphin Supreme
Empire Jewel Progressive
Pharaoh Supreme
Safari Progressive
Western Supreme
Wild Supreme

Slot Machine Games
American Riches
Asian Promise
Blackout Bingo Bonanza
Chess King
Melody Progressive
Omaha Showdown
Strike It Gold
Strike It Progressive
Summer Progressive
Surprise Party
Tropical Treasures
Wizard Master

Video Poker Games
Double Suit Stud
Doubling Deuces Wild
House of Cards
Jacks & Deuces Fusion
Royal Scare
Royal Scare Progressive

Table Games
Omaha Showdown

Progressive Games
Empire Jewel Progressive
Melody Progressive
Safari Progressive
Strike It Progressive
Summer Progressive

Welcome to provides unique and proprietary slot machine game mathematics and poker simulations, suitable for online casino and betting suppliers and gaming machine manufacturers.

We sell or license off the shelf and customised slot machine mathematics, video poker games and progressives to the gambling industry.

We supply the IP of the game with full documentation for regulatory purposes.

Our aim is to show how the math logic works. Our symbols and graphics are only for indicative purposes, for the playable games demonstrations.

We provide to a niche market, who are gaming machine manufacturers, games designers and operators to the gambling industry.

Our core market is custom designed games, where our clients select the number of reels, paylines, volatility, features, both free and paid, return to player percentage and options of progressives or bonus prizes.

In addition, we provide poker and table game simulations.

We provide multi-player and networkable games, with a current focus on progressive games with bonus prizes and unusual game features. Many of our games also incorporate our proprietary WAYG (Win As You Go) enhancements, which are unique to our Selekta slot game methodology.

Judi Kelly is the founder and CEO of, which provides specialised services to gaming machine operators and gaming machine designers. Judi, who has been involved in the gaming industry for more than 17 years, has a depth of experience and wide network of contacts. She has been instrumental in establishing a flagship daily news service, as well as her communication and PR skills.

Judi has resources from game designers and mathematicians for to develop gambling games with unique characteristics to appeal to slot machine manufacturers, online gaming providers, and operators of internet poker sites.


Judi Kelly
Managing Director and CEO

Featured Game
If you have a games idea Selekta Games can develop and implement your solution. We specialise in hold and spin and WAYG (Win As You Go).
Selekta Games sells customised Game Mathematics
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